My favorite authors

 I will show u my pick list of favorite authors (until now – it’s always changing).

Besides I have read lots of books, I don’t have a big list of fav authors. I’m very picky and only consider the author my fav after some really great books wrote by them.

My favs also participated in some fases of my life and let a good impression and beautiful memories.

This is my (decrescent) Top 5!

5º – Meg Cabot

Specially for The Princess Diaries, that marked my teenagers. In the middle of my fifteens, I got involved with Mia’s conturbing life and I felt identified by her. It was my first book serie and I can also remember the comments between my friends and I about these books. Because of this serie I have Cabot in my fav list.

4º- Stephanie Meyer

What can I say about Meyer?! Her books filled all my youth and I really felt in love with Edward. I read the Twilight serie over and over again, my books are very worn out and every time I see them, I remember a very good time of my life. Also I can say by The Host.

3º- Sidney Sheldon

He was my first fav. Until now I become surprise with such criativity. All his books is full of surprises and turnarounds. Each book is filled with new concepts and all the ends were epics. I love this author and I can’t describe the importance of his books in my life. Every time I have a desire to read a really good book I felt back on Sheldon, this author is awesome!

2º- Jamie Mcguire

I liked (very much) Beautiful Disaster, I think it was a mark in the literature, introducing us the new adult genre. However, Mcguire entered in my fav list with Maddox Brothers serie. I feel very very surprise when I finish Beautiful Oblivion. She achieved do a whole different story with the same theme and the most impressive is that she linked the stories – this was AMAZING!! The story happens the same time that beautiful disaster and she got doesn’t spoil the story. And all the ends of her books are amazing!!! She is diva!

1º- Richelle Mead

Mead, my most recent fav. She is epic! I read vampire academy and bloodlines. All books that I read was full of emotions and revelations, with a impeccable writing. There is no book that I read that I don’t like. Besides all that, I admire the care she has with the readers (it’s a care that most of popular authors don’t have). She shows that by writing bloodlines and give us a new story with the “rejected” guy in the vampire academy triangle. I don’t know ( probably has, but it’s not in my knowledge) an author that have so much care with a triangle ( and so with the wronger shippers). Please Meyer and Collins, learn with Mead.

And who is your favorite authors? Tell us in comments.


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