Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

What’s it about: 

Tate moves to her brother’s apartment in San Francisco, and what she finds is a very different house that she expected. Now he is a airplane pilot and lives in a high rise in dowtown. Over there Tate meets Miles, her brother’s speechless friend. Miles knows the ugly side of love and he has no plans about live that side again. Somehow, he feels a unexpected attraction for Tate, and she obviously feels the same way for him. She thinks that she can handle with a only-sex relationship, but sometimes hearts really gets infiltrated.

What I thought:

It’s a crush-with-your-brother’s-friend novel and I kind of love this! It’s one of my favorite type of novel.
At the firsts pages I was already in love with it. Couldn’t put it down until I finish. There’s no slow start, It’s intense from beginning to the end.
In a first impression it could seen like a silly history, but it’s really deep and touching. Sometimes I wanted hit Tate, another times Miles. They really upseted me in just two or three parts! Most of time I got a smile stuck on my face. I also experienced much angst, though. I have no idea what is living what Miles lived. I just wanted hug him and take all his pain way. I really loved all the history, and Colleen Hoover pleasured me one more time!

What I loved:

– This cover and the title;
– That we could see all the characters points of view;
– The intensity and deepness of the history;
– That I cried one or two times;
– That sometimes Tate was really tough;
– This piloto thing that’s really hot!
– Miles at all. ❤

What I didn’t like:

– Sometimes I just wanted yell to Tate punches Miles;
– I would like to see more present miles’ point of view;
– That I’m not Tate 😥

You can see there isn’t a lot of things i didn’t like, maybe because I just loved it!

** And the best: Ugly Love is  currently being turned into a movie!! Yayy! The cameras are already rolling in Toronto for Ugly Love. They don’t have a official release date, but it’s in 2016! I’m really excited!

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ugly love becomes you

Consumes you.

Makes you hate it all.

Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren’t even worth it.

Without the beautiful, you’ll never risk feeling this.

You’ll never risk feeling the ugly.


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