Eleanor&Park – Book Review

What’s about
It’s about a romance between two teenagers placing in high school .

They met each other in the school bus. The girl and the boy have bullying problems in the school. And the reading is about it.

The romance between them is really cute and growls slowly during the reading.

The book also bring to us the difference between two extremely different family. He has a perfect family while she has an unstructured one.

What I thought

I thought that was a humdrum book, but I was completely wrong. It’s a deep reading that permit us to enter in the bulling world.

I was really chocked because Eleanor’s life. She is from a poor family, careless and loveless, living in a home where people don’t have any care to each others. Her reality chocked me. What surprise me the most is that I know it has a million of homes like that in real life. I start to think of the people around the city that possibly be in a home like that or even worse. It was a splash of reality.

The romance between them like I sad it is cute, but it’s not the book core. The book goes deeper than just a romance, it is concentrated on the bullying context and the Eleanor’s family maltreatment.

It’s a good reading. It’s one that make you think of life values.

What I love

  • It’s very well written
  • The themes covered and the way that was conducted
  • The cute romance between Eleanor and Park

What I didn’t like

  • I hate some characters like Eleanor’s mother, father and stepfather. They gave me a disgusting feeling, mainly her mother. Sometimes I would like to punch her! (“what kind of mother do this to her children!?” – it was my feeling during all the reading)
  • The end of the book. I missed some explanations.

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤


Something Borrowed – Emilly Griffin

What’s it about: 

Rachel and Darcy are best friends since forever. They grow up together, made high school and even throught college, they still were best friends. But, in this friendship, Darcy was the star – the prettiest, the funniest – , and Rachel has always been at the second place. So, when Rachel reaches thirty, there’s Darcy too, like she thought. Nothing else of what Rachel imagined to herself is there, though. No dream job, no children, no husband. Darcy, on the other side, has everything – including Dex, her beautiful and patient fiancè – whom Rachel introduced to her. Then, somehow after some drinks Rachel makes out with Dex. Now, things get complicated when she has to deal with her feelings for him and her loyalty to her friend.

What I thought:

My first thought was: ‘there is no way for I like a novel with best friend’s betrayal.’ At the first page I was already hating Darcy, though. But I had so many questions during the reading, and the most important was: Why someone will ever have a bitch as her best friend?

The fact is that I’m such a romantic and sometimes I kind of liked the feelings between Rachel and Dex.

Most of the time I got pissed with Rachel’s personality or her lack of it. She could’t recognize her feelings for the guy? Okay, I can handle that. But how can’t she know who is her best friend indeed? Is she blind? Oh my God, I just wanted hit her!

Well, after all, things get better and the final confrontation was really funny – a little sad, but funny! And the end is kind of cute too.

Despite all these bad things, the writter still makes you get stuck in the reading! It really surprised me! I definitely will read another of her books!

What I loved:

  • Emily Griffin’s writing – it’s awsome!
  • The New York background
  • Some parts of Rachel and Dex’s romance.
  • Ethan ❤ (yes, I actually have a inclination to like the wrong guy)

What I didn’t like:

  • Rachel’s passivity. What kind of person takes 30 years to realize that your best friend is actually a bitch?
  • Main character with with low self-steam. This thing of ‘she is the prettiest, the funniest’ is really boring.
  • Dex’s lack of pro-activity
  • The lack os loyalty of their friendship – to me it’s not a friendship at all.

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤

“But I have learned that you make your own happiness,

that part of going for what you want means losing something else.

And when the stakes are high, the losses can be that much greater.”

Ugly Love – Colleen Hoover

What’s it about: 

Tate moves to her brother’s apartment in San Francisco, and what she finds is a very different house that she expected. Now he is a airplane pilot and lives in a high rise in dowtown. Over there Tate meets Miles, her brother’s speechless friend. Miles knows the ugly side of love and he has no plans about live that side again. Somehow, he feels a unexpected attraction for Tate, and she obviously feels the same way for him. She thinks that she can handle with a only-sex relationship, but sometimes hearts really gets infiltrated.

What I thought:

It’s a crush-with-your-brother’s-friend novel and I kind of love this! It’s one of my favorite type of novel.
At the firsts pages I was already in love with it. Couldn’t put it down until I finish. There’s no slow start, It’s intense from beginning to the end.
In a first impression it could seen like a silly history, but it’s really deep and touching. Sometimes I wanted hit Tate, another times Miles. They really upseted me in just two or three parts! Most of time I got a smile stuck on my face. I also experienced much angst, though. I have no idea what is living what Miles lived. I just wanted hug him and take all his pain way. I really loved all the history, and Colleen Hoover pleasured me one more time!

What I loved:

– This cover and the title;
– That we could see all the characters points of view;
– The intensity and deepness of the history;
– That I cried one or two times;
– That sometimes Tate was really tough;
– This piloto thing that’s really hot!
– Miles at all. ❤

What I didn’t like:

– Sometimes I just wanted yell to Tate punches Miles;
– I would like to see more present miles’ point of view;
– That I’m not Tate 😥

You can see there isn’t a lot of things i didn’t like, maybe because I just loved it!

** And the best: Ugly Love is  currently being turned into a movie!! Yayy! The cameras are already rolling in Toronto for Ugly Love. They don’t have a official release date, but it’s in 2016! I’m really excited!

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Ugly love becomes you

Consumes you.

Makes you hate it all.

Makes you realize that all the beautiful parts aren’t even worth it.

Without the beautiful, you’ll never risk feeling this.

You’ll never risk feeling the ugly.

My favorite authors

 I will show u my pick list of favorite authors (until now – it’s always changing).

Besides I have read lots of books, I don’t have a big list of fav authors. I’m very picky and only consider the author my fav after some really great books wrote by them.

My favs also participated in some fases of my life and let a good impression and beautiful memories.

This is my (decrescent) Top 5!

5º – Meg Cabot

Specially for The Princess Diaries, that marked my teenagers. In the middle of my fifteens, I got involved with Mia’s conturbing life and I felt identified by her. It was my first book serie and I can also remember the comments between my friends and I about these books. Because of this serie I have Cabot in my fav list.

4º- Stephanie Meyer

What can I say about Meyer?! Her books filled all my youth and I really felt in love with Edward. I read the Twilight serie over and over again, my books are very worn out and every time I see them, I remember a very good time of my life. Also I can say by The Host.

3º- Sidney Sheldon

He was my first fav. Until now I become surprise with such criativity. All his books is full of surprises and turnarounds. Each book is filled with new concepts and all the ends were epics. I love this author and I can’t describe the importance of his books in my life. Every time I have a desire to read a really good book I felt back on Sheldon, this author is awesome!

2º- Jamie Mcguire

I liked (very much) Beautiful Disaster, I think it was a mark in the literature, introducing us the new adult genre. However, Mcguire entered in my fav list with Maddox Brothers serie. I feel very very surprise when I finish Beautiful Oblivion. She achieved do a whole different story with the same theme and the most impressive is that she linked the stories – this was AMAZING!! The story happens the same time that beautiful disaster and she got doesn’t spoil the story. And all the ends of her books are amazing!!! She is diva!

1º- Richelle Mead

Mead, my most recent fav. She is epic! I read vampire academy and bloodlines. All books that I read was full of emotions and revelations, with a impeccable writing. There is no book that I read that I don’t like. Besides all that, I admire the care she has with the readers (it’s a care that most of popular authors don’t have). She shows that by writing bloodlines and give us a new story with the “rejected” guy in the vampire academy triangle. I don’t know ( probably has, but it’s not in my knowledge) an author that have so much care with a triangle ( and so with the wronger shippers). Please Meyer and Collins, learn with Mead.

And who is your favorite authors? Tell us in comments.

Never Never Part 2 – Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher

Hey Guys! Finally, here’s the most wanted book of this year for me until now! Let’s go!

Synopsis: “Never forget that I was your first real kiss. Never forget that you’ll be my last.
And never stop loving me between all of them.
Never stop, Charlie.
Never forget.”

Silas races against time as more truths unravel, while others twist tighter together. And now, the stakes are higher as Silas’ control slips and others begin to point fingers. Charlie is in trouble and he must be the one to bridge the chasm between their past and their present. Because somewhere between I love yous and Never Nevers and Never Agains, a truth they can’t imagine, beckons to be found.

“Where are you, Charlie?”


Now, Charlie and Silas already figured out some things of what happened to then, but there are still so many blank spaces!

Somehow, Chalie gets in trouble and Silas has to find a way to save her. What they don’t know is that this strange thing happening to Charlie can reveal some important clues for then.

We still don’t know how-why-what is happening, but now there are much more information about who they are/were and about they previus lives.

My Thoughts: 

I can’t tell more on the review without spoillers. And, in fact, I think almost everything is a spoiller!

But I need to say that this synopsis makes me fall everytime I read this. It’s so amazing. Things we figure out during the reading are so exciting! Every new single thing came with a lot of new questions, and all we want is to figure out what the hell is going on!

As much we know more Charlie and Silas before whatever happend, more we have empathy with them. There is a reason for all that bad behavior of them. And Silas is the cutest ever ( ❤ ) ! I can’t even describe how i loved him on this book!

There’s stiil a cliffhanger at the end, leaving us forward and there’s no official release date for the last book! 😦

This serie is such a big puzzle, and a see no solve for this. Everything can happen. And I kind of love this!

The only snag is that this books are short-length novels, and I have the feeling that it could perfectly be just one normal length book. Maybe it’s the author’s purpose, but I thing I would like it more if it was just one book!

I need the next one now!!

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Loving Mr. Daniels – Brittainy C. Cherry


To Whom it May Concern,

It was easy to call us forbidden and harder to call us soulmates. Yet I believed we were both. Forbidden soulmates.

When I arrived to Edgewood, Wisconsin I didn’t plan to find him. I didn’t plan to stumble into Joe’s bar and have Daniel’s music stir up my emotions. I had no clue that his voice would make my hurts forget their own sorrow. I had no idea that my happiness would remember its own bliss.

When I started senior year at my new school, I wasn’t prepared to call him Mr. Daniels, but sometimes life happens at the wrong time for all the right reasons.

Our love story wasn’t only about the physical connection.

It was about family. It was about loss. It was about being alive. It was silly. It was painful. It was mourning. It was laughter.It was ours.

And for those reasons alone, I would never apologize for loving Mr. Daniels.

-Ashlyn Jenning


Ashlyn Jenning lost everything. She lost her twin sister, because of it she lost her mother who couldn’t look at her anymore. She lost her home and then she goes to live with the father she had lost a long time ago. He is just a total stranger to her, but she has no choice.

But, as she arrives at Wiscosin, things starts to change when she knows a mysterious guy. He invites her to go to his show at some bar, and she gets amazed with him without knowing that he is her high school teacher.

Daniel had a hard life time too, but he found some relief at his music and in his job – the job which make impossible his relationship with Ashlyn.

Now, they will have to handle with the fact that the only thing that looks like could help them can’t happen.

My Opnion:

I don’t know actually why, but I expected something a lot of different than this book is. By the name, it made me think it was a hot new adult novel. But actually it’s a so much deeper history. A history about the human nature and they real pain.

My eyes filled with tears several times, but I didn’t really cried. It’s such a touching history, that makes you think about your own life, and how things could be so much difficult and how, even then, there are ways to find the way back to happiness.

It’s about pure love in the essence. And the how powerfull this love can be. Mainly the family love. It’s really beautiful.

And there was some parts (mainly one chapter ❤ ) that I thought just perfect.

But despite all of this, I didn’t felt in the history. Maybe because I wasn’t expecting so many losses and pain, ou because I never lived nothing like they lived… I couldn’t establish the conection with the characters.

Still, I think it worth the reading! It’s really touching.

Note: ❤ ❤ ❤ and a half ❤

The best things in life aren’t easy.

They are tough, they are painful, and they are raw.

That makes the arrival to the final destination that much sweeter.


We have been nominated for the Liebster award – discover new blogs, which is super exciting!

First of all, we would like thank Part Time Book Nerd very much for nominating us for this award. It was really pleasureful.

Here are the rules  

  1.  Once you are nominated, make a post thanking and linking the person who nominated you. Include the Liebster Award sticker in the post too.
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Simple enough right?

Marina and Silvana’s answer by Ashley’s Questions

1.   If you could date any fictional character who would it be? If that’s too hard, give me your top three.

Marina: My heart beats fast for Travis Maddox, but I don’t think that I could handle his things for a long time. But, for a date? Of course it’s him! But if I had to chose for a serius relationship it would be Mr. Darcy, for sure!

Silvana: the first name that appers in my mind is Adrian. I am Adrian’s lover since Vampire Academy, in Bloodlines I love him much much more, and his pov’s are just perfect. He is my first choice of fictional character date.

Thinking on the books that I have read before, I can also nominate Rush Finlay (Too Far Series) and Travis Maddox (Beautiful Disaster), my favs characters.

2.   Book version of Kill, Kiss, Marry! Go!

Marina: Tris (Divergent) – Rony Weasley (HP) – Mr. Bingley (Pride and Prejudice)

Silvana: Dimitri (Vampire Academy) – Edward  (Twilight) – Travis (Beautiful Disaster)

3.   You land the ultimate dream job- running a HUGE library! Only draw back is its incredibly haunted. Would you still do it?

Marina: I’m a little bit fearful, but for books I think I could handle this! Who guess what incredible histories ghosts have to tell?

Silvana:Yes, I would like some thriller job, it seems exciting!

4.   Favorite book of 2014

Marina: I guess it was The Time of My Life, by Cecelia Ahern. This book made me dizzy. Amazing! But I read a lot of good books last year…

Silvana: For sure it was the Too Far Series. I instantly felt in love for Rush Finlay and besides the second and third book was terrible, the first (Fallen Too Far) and last one (Rush Too Far) compensated it.

5.   Favorite book of 2015 (so far)

Marina: Beautiful Disaster (Yes, I just read it this year!) But Colleen Hoover’s books are on top too!

Silvana: Again it is a serie, Bloodline by Richelle Mead. But the fav one in this serie is The Indigo Spell (until now, I didn’t finish the serie yet).

6.   Why did you decided to make a blog?

Marina: All started with one reading challenge! And, as we saw our love for books, we decided to make a blog to share this love with others, and to get more know how about the book’s world. After all, our dream is to be writers someday!

Silvana: We meet each other in a reading challenge and chatting we discovered that we both shared the same dream: writing a book and have a blog. So, we decide start to do the two things and then the blog born.

7.   If you had a chance to live in any fictional book reality which would you choose and why?

Marina: I’d love to study in Hogwarts. Rowling books were the ones who made ​​me love reading . I grew up reading Harry Potter and I felt myself living in that world for many years. I still  need to buy own on Diagonal Alley!!

Silvana: The only answer to me is Narnia. There is no fictional place that I want to be more than Nárnia <3. It’s the best place ever!

8.   Least favorite book you’ve read recently and why?

Marina: Never Never by Colleen Hoover. It goes beyond the cliches novels, bringing us characters full of real faults, but they still have a look at themselves believing they can be better human beings. It’s a great message.

Silvana: The Indigo Spell, Bloodline serie by Richelle Mead. The book has everything a good book has to have. It’s a romance with a roller coaster of emotions and lots of magic. I liked everything in this book.

9.   If you could spend the day with one author who would it be?

Marina: There are so many that I’d love to spent one day, but preferably one year! Today, thinking about my personal life goals, I would choose Jamie McGuire. How she writes so many different books with the same context??

Silvana: oh my God… Choose one author is cruel, but let’s do. I think it is George Martin, I could spend my whole day talking to him about the mysteries that he let in the book and I can also know how could he write so well and have such creativity (See, I didn’t read only romance, hehe)

10.   Recommend me a good book! Pretty please?

Marina: There are so many differents books I could recommend, but The Time of my Life by Cecelia Ahern is really amazing.

Silvana: There are so many good books to indicate that I’m in doubt. I can recommend my last favorite serie: Vampire Academy, by Richelle Mead.

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Our Questions

1- What your favorite author?

2 – What your favorite book serie?

3 – Why did you decided to make a blog?

4 – Who gave your first book?

5 – Which character most looks like you?

6 – What book marked your childhood?

7 – What is your most memorable quote from your favorite book?

8 – What was the last book you bought, have you read it yet, or did it go straight onto the shelf?

9 – What is the last book you read?

10 – A book that you recommend.

Please comment when/if you post so I can read your answers! Happy blogging!